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ASL’s 6 European airlines are to be renamed under the new ASL Airlines brand and there will be 6 airline operations ‘centres of excellence’ in Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Hungary.

  • Air Contractors will become ASL Airlines Ireland
  • Europe Airpost will become ASL Airlines France
  • TNT Airways will become ASL Airlines Belgium
  • Farnair Switzerland will become ASL Airlines Switzerland
  • PAN AIR will become ASL Airlines Spain
  • Farnair Hungary will become ASL Airlines Hungary
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ASL Airlines Ireland, formerly Air Contractors, is Europe’s leading aircraft operator specialising in aviation services and fleet management.

Selected as the launch operator for DHL and the A300B4 fleet, FedEx and the “Damp Lease” model in Europe, and also the launch partner for DHL Air and its Boeing 757 fleet, ASL Airlines Ireland has consistently proved exceptional skills and the flexibility required to fit the customer network needs.

Now, as the largest ATR operator for FedEx outside North America, ASL Airlines Ireland continues to grow with the support of strong shareholders and group cooperation to maintain the market position as the leading “fleet managers” in Europe.

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ASL Airlines France is a French airline, certified ISO 9001:2008. Previously known under the name of Europe Airpost and member of the ASL Aviation Group, it has bases in France’s largest airports.

With its fleet of Boeing 737, it operates both passenger and cargo flights to all major European, Mediterranean, African and Canadian cities.
Whether standard or customized, ASL Airlines France offers exceptional in-flight services for your leisure and your “ad’hoc flights”: incentive, seminars, conventions, sport events…

It conveys your freight to any worldwide destination:

  • Mail
  • General Cargo
  • Express
  • Perishables
  • Live Animals (chicks, horses etc)
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Valuables
  • Vulnerables
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ASL Airlines Belgium, formerly TNT Airways, has been founded in 1999 and acquired by ASL Aviation Group on 24 May 2016.

One of its main activities is to supply the FedEx-TNT combination European network with the required aircraft numbers and aircraft types to meet their ever changing network schedule and volume requirements. The company also offers its fleet resources and services to third parties such as ACMI contract to airline, scheduled and unscheduled air cargo and passenger services worldwide.

The airline takes care of aircraft, maintenance, traffic rights and slots. ASL Airlines Belgium is based in Liege Airport.

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Based in Basel with almost 30 years of experience in the express cargo logistics industry, ASL Airlines Switzerland represents commitment to outstanding quality and reliability to all our customers.

With scheduled and ad-hoc flights on the ATR fleet the airline offers a wide range of cargo services, should the freight be mail, live animals or dangerous goods.

At the same time, ASL Switzerland also operates a passenger ATR42 from BSL with a tri-lingual crew available for group charters or ACMI requests.

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ASL Airlines Spain has been at the heart of European express air cargo transport and charter flights for over 28 years. With headquarters in Madrid-Barajas international airport, ASLE maintains bases in five other major Spanish airports where it also provides self-handling activities for ASL fleets. The fleet currently consists of eight BAe 146-300 freighter aircraft with which we operate cargo flights mainly throughout Europe to support global express service providers as well as ad-hoc charters and ACMI services.

Certified ISO 9001/ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, ASLE provides line maintenance out of its 6 Spanish bases. The Company is also experienced in providing consultancy and third party training services as well as project management within the Spanish market.

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FARNAIR Hungary is based at Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, an airport of increasing importance in the Eastern market. FARNAIR Hungary is well-placed to take advantage of its EU status in what is still a very financially attractive location. Utilising important synergies with the parent company FARNAIR Switzerland. FARNAIR Hungary operates the B1900 fleets and in 2014 introduced the first of four B737-400 Cargo aircraft.

The company is extending and developing its ground services to provide these to a wider circle of customers: wide-body freighter operators, integrators and forwarders. The goal of FARNAIR Handling is to provide a high quality link between flight and ground services of the Aviation Group at this strategically very important airport.

FARNAIR Handling services is experienced in serving demanding customers with a quality service. We have always placed emphasis on the safety of our customer's operation and guarantee agreed, and punctual completion of service. We have proven flexibility in tailoring our service to customer demands and adapting to changing customer requirements.

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The ASL Aviation Group owns, operates and manages a fleet of nearly 90 jet and turboprop aircraft, providing capacity for up to 147 passengers or 40 tonnes of cargo. ASL offers worldwide passenger and cargo operating experience. The year 2012 opened an exciting new opportunity as our first Boeing 737-400 Combi aircraft brought the flexibility of mixed passenger and palletised cargo capability to the market. The Group holds the distinctions of being the world's largest and most successful operator of Quick-Change aircraft and flying the largest civilian fleet of Hercules aircraft.

The ASL Aviation Group has its origins in Air Bridge Carriers in the United Kingdom which was formed in 1972, operating four Argosy aircraft to fly fresh produce from the Channel Islands.

ASL Aviation Group’s strength lies in the support of our two shareholders: Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB), with 51% shareholding, is a major Belgian shipping company based in Antwerp. CMB was founded in 1895 and its shares are quoted on Euronext Brussels and are also included in the Next 150 index and the BelMid and 3P Air Freighters Ltd, with 49% shareholding, is an aircraft leasing company incorporated in Dublin and is sponsored by the Private Equity section of Petercam S.A./N.V. the leading Brussels-based independent financial group.

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